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U-HID Board Overview
BlueHID Board Overview
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Self-Test LED

U-HID Self-Test LED

The On-board Self-Test LED is connected to J6 pin 5.

In normal operation, the LED will illuminate when:

  • The device is in the process of enumerating with the USB host controller during boot or plugin
  • The device is receiving configuration data from the host
  • A switch connected to this pin is closed.

In addition, you can use this LED for test purposes by defining J6 pin 5 as a LED. NOTE: The LED is connected between the pin and 5V power on the PCB. This means it will behave in an opposite way to other connected LEDs which are connected between the pins and Ground.

Connecting analog devices such as pots to this pin wil give strange results but you can use the LED for a basic pot test (brightness will vary).

BlueHID Self-Test LED

The self-test LED can be enabled and disabled from within the U-Config utility and should be disabled after installation and testing is complete.

If enabled:

Board powered up: LED flashes once

Board connected via Bluetooth: LED lights

Board goes to bound authorised state: LED goes off

 If enabled the LED also blinks at the rate of data polling by the host system This means during normal operation it is seen to be lit constantly, then in idle mode progressively blinks more slowly. This can be used to check that no external device or connection is preventing power saving modes from being invoked. The LED is connected on the board to J1 pin 4. It can be controlled from the host if require

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