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U-HID Board Overview
BlueHID Board Overview
U-CONFIG Utility
U-HID Nano
Harness Options
Gamepad Buttons
Mouse Buttons
Keyboard Switch
Analog Input
Encoder Devices
U-HID Controlled LED
PC-Controlled LED
Power and Ground
U-HID Shift Feature
Self-Test LED
USB Output Drivers
USB Input Devices
Analog Input

Device Type: Analog Input

A pin assigned to Analog senses a voltage on the pin and controls a gamepad X, Y, or other axis on the PC.
Analog resolution is 12 bit.
The voltage can vary between 0 and 5 volts.
Usually this voltage will come from a potentiometer (pot) which is part of a steering wheel, handwheel, throttle pedal, or other type of analog control.
You can assign any pin to one of 8 possible analog axes. (8 is a Windows limitation).
To test, go into “Control Panel”, “Game Controllers”. Then select the board number (if you have more than one board).You will see the X, Y crosshair (axes 1 and 2 on the U-HID board) and also the other 6 axes as red bars.

Offset and Scale

In the U-Config program, on the second page of the GUI, you can select an offset. This is a fixed displacement of the control. Usually this is set in the center, giving a conventional joystick type of control.
Also, you can set a scale factor, which defines the sensitivity of the control.

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