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U-HID Board Overview
BlueHID Board Overview
U-CONFIG Utility
U-HID Nano
Harness Options
Gamepad Buttons
Mouse Buttons
Keyboard Switch
Analog Input
Encoder Devices
U-HID Controlled LED
PC-Controlled LED
Power and Ground
U-HID Shift Feature
Self-Test LED
USB Output Drivers
USB Input Devices

The U-HID and BlueHID boards are targetted at all applications which require connection of panel-mounted controls to a PC or other host.

Generous quantity discounts are available for OEM users.

In addition, we can supply "fixed-function" versions of the board at even further discounts. You can define your custom configuration and we will supply boards fixed with this configuration.

Still more economical are single-function boards, for eaxmple a keyboard-encoder version.

All these variants use the same physical board, just with reduced functionality in the firmware and therefore reduced cost.

Email us for pricing details for OEM applications.

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