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U-HID Board Overview
BlueHID Board Overview
U-CONFIG Utility
U-HID Nano
Harness Options
Gamepad Buttons
Mouse Buttons
Keyboard Switch
Analog Input
Encoder Devices
U-HID Controlled LED
PC-Controlled LED
Power and Ground
U-HID Shift Feature
Self-Test LED
USB Output Drivers
USB Input Devices
Harness Options

Modular 8-way Harness

Modular Harness

This consists of 9 wires, (8 inputs plus ground) and plugs onto any of the sections of the U-HID connector. It is keyed to avoid incorrect connection.

The harness is 900mm long (39 in) and has connectors at both ends. It can be cut in half to give two open-ended wiring harnesses, then the appropriate connector fitted for the switch or other device.

Other Harnesses:

harness 1 harness 2 harness 3

Harness Type 1

Harness for Ultimarc U-Trak Trackball. Connects to any of the U-HID connectors.

Harness Type 2

Harness for U-Trak Trackball and SpinTrak spinner. Connects to top row of pins on U-HID. Note the other connector locations can be used with harness 4

Harness Type 3

Connections for 32 switches. With 4.7 mm or 6 mm push-on female connectors. Length 350 mm

Harness Type 4.

Bundle of 10 550 mm wires with either 4.7 or 6 mm push-on female connectors. Can be used to add to harness 2, or replace wires in harness 3 for longer reach.

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